Queen of Earth (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-26 (90 minutes)
Genre : Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Avec : Elisabeth Moss as Catherine, Katherine Waterston as Virginia, Kate Lyn Sheil as Michelle
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails : Catherine has entered a particularly dark period in her life: her father, a famous artist whose affairs she managed, has recently died, and on the heels of his death she's dumped by her boyfriend James. Looking to recuperate, Catherine heads out to her best friend Virginia's lake house for some much needed relaxation. However, once Catherine arrives relaxation proves impossible to find, as she is overcome with memories of time spent at the same house with James the year before. As Catherine reaches out to Virginia with attempts at connection, Virginia begins spending increasing amounts of time with a local love interest, Rich, and fissures in the relationship between the two women begin to appear, sending Catherine into a downward spiral of delusion and madness.

Meru (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-14 (87 minutes)
Genre : Documentary,
Avec : Conrad Anker as , Jimmy Chin as , Jon Krakauer as
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails : In the high-stakes pursuit of big-wall climbing, the Shark's Fin on Mount Meru may be the ultimate prize. Sitting 21,000 feet above the sacred Ganges River in Northern India, the mountain's perversely stacked obstacles make it both a nightmare and an irresistible calling for some of the world's toughest climbers. In October 2008, renowned alpinists Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk arrived in India to tackle Meru. Their planned seven-day trip quickly declined into a 20-day odyssey in sub-zero temperatures with depleting food rations. Despite making it to within 100 meters of the elusive summit, their journey, like everyone before them, was not a successful one. Heartbroken and defeated, the trio returned to their everyday lives, where the siren song of Meru continued to beckon. By September 2011, Anker had convinced his two lifelong friends to undertake the Shark's Fin once more, under even more extraordinary circumstances than their first attempt. MERU is the story of that journey, an expedition through nature's harshest elements and one's complicated inner demons, and ultimately on to impossible new heights. (C) Music Box Films

Tom at the Farm (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-14 (95 minutes)
Genre : Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Avec : Xavier Dolan as Tom, Pierre-Yves Cardinal as Francis, Lise Roy as Agathe
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails : After the sudden death of his lover, Guillaume, Tom (Xavier Dolan - Mommy, Heartbeats, I Killed My Mother), travels from his home in the city to a remote country farm for the funeral. Upon arriving, he's shocked to find that Guillaume's family knows nothing about him and was expecting a woman in his place. Torn between his own grief and that of the family, Tom keeps his identity a secret but soon finds himself increasingly drawn into a twisted, sexually-charged game by Guillaume's aggressive brother (Pierre-Yves Cardinal), who suspects the truth. Stockholm syndrome, deception, grief, and savagery pervade this psychological thriller from filmmaker Xavier Dolan.

Cop Car (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-07 (86 minutes)
Genre : Mystery & Suspense,
Avec : Kevin Bacon as Sheriff Kretzer, Shea Whigham as Man, Camryn Manheim as Bev
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails : Kevin Bacon (The Following, HBO's Taking Chance, Mystic River) stars in director Jon Watts' delightful throwback thriller Cop Car. When two good-natured but rebellious young boys (James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford) stumble across an abandoned cop car hidden in a secluded glade they decide to take it for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the county sheriff (Kevin Bacon) and leads to brutal consequences. (C) Focus World

Regression (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-12-31 (106 minutes)
Genre : Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Avec : Emma Watson as Angela Gray, Ethan Hawke as Bruce Kenner, Aaron Ashmore as
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails : Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) investigates the case of young Angela (Emma Watson), who accuses her father, John Gray (David Dencik), of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines (David Thewlis) is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery. (C) TWC-Dimension

Bonobos (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-14 (90 minutes)
Genre : Documentary, Drama
Avec : Claudine Andre as , Rebecca Hall as Claudine, Luke Evans as Beni
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails : In this absorbing docudrama, naturalist Claudine Andre wades deep into the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo to study and protect a rare primate species.

Some Kind of Beautiful (2015)

Date de sortie : 2015-08-21 (100 minutes)
Genre : Comedy,
Avec : Pierce Brosnan as Richard, Salma Hayek as Olivia, Jessica Alba as Kate
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails : By day, Richard Haig is a successful and well-respected English professor at renowned Trinity College in Cambridge. By night, Richard indulges his own romantic fantasies with a steady stream of beautiful undergraduates. But Richard has grown tired of the game and is looking for something more meaningful and lasting. So when Kate, Richard's tanned, athletic, 25-year-old American girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant, Richard is thrilled. He looks forward to having a family of his own, being a father his children could be proud of, not some sex-fueled bobcat. There is only one problem. Richard's not in love with Kate. Richard is in love with Kate's sister, Olivia. He had been in love with her ever since he first saw her.
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