Dawson’s Creek (2003)

Date de sortie : 2009-09-11 (120 minutes)
Genre : Art House & International, Drama
Avec : Benjamin Vicuna as Sergio Bitar, Bertrand Duarte as Miguel Lawner, Pablo Krogh as Jose Toha
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails :

Julie Lescaut (1992)

Date de sortie : ( minutes)
Genre : ,
Avec : as , as , as
MPAA Est :
Synopsis et détails :

La Boum 2 (1982)

Date de sortie : (109 minutes)
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Avec : Sophie Marceau as Vic, Brigitte Fossey as Francoise Beretton, Claude Brasseur as Francois Beretton
MPAA Est : Unrated
Synopsis et détails :

Creative Control (2016)

Date de sortie : 2016-03-11 (97 minutes)
Genre : Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Avec : Benjamin Dickinson as David, Nora Zehetner as Juliette, Dan Gill as Wim
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails : The setting is New York, 5 minutes in the future. The glorious technological advances and communication devices of the near future meant to increase connectivity and alleviate boredom are only increasing the anxiety level of the insecure New Yorkers who've inherited them. David (writer/director Benjamin Dickinson) is an overworked, tech-addled advertising executive developing a high-profile marketing campaign for a new generation of Augmented Reality glasses. Feeling stuck in his relationship with yoga teacher Juliette (Nora Zehetner, BRICK, IFC's "Maron"), he envies the charmed life of his best friend, fashion photographer Wim (Dan Gill, THE WEDDING RINGER) and his entrancing girlfriend Sophie (Alexia Rasmussen, CALIFORNIA SOLO) - so he uses the glasses to develop a life-like avatar of her. Unwittingly, fantasy and reality begin to blur. As passions escalate and things get increasingly out of hand, the friends are forced to deal with the impending collision between their public, private and imaginary lives.

Just Friends (2005)

Date de sortie : 2005-11-23 (94 minutes)
Genre : Drama, Romance
Avec : Ryan Reynolds as Chris Brander, Amy Smart as Jamie Palamino, Anna Faris as Samantha James
MPAA Est : PG-13
Synopsis et détails :

Ktown Cowboys (2016)

Date de sortie : 2016-03-18 (83 minutes)
Genre : ,
Avec : Danny Cho as Danny, Sunn Wee as Sunny, Peter Jae as Peter
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails : Against the alluring backdrop of LA's Koreatown, 5 legendary partiers go out for one more night of "Ktown" debauchery, eventually growing up by throwing down like they did in their glory days.

The Bodyguard (1992)

Date de sortie : 1992-11-25 (129 minutes)
Genre : Drama, Action & Adventure
Avec : Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer, Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron, Gary Kemp as Sy Spector
MPAA Est : R
Synopsis et détails :
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